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Global sustainable finance soared 58% to a record $139.8bn in 2017. The increase was attributed to Q4 volume of $42.8bn, the highest quarter on record.

Corporate issuance grows

Global corporate sustainable finance jumped 76% to a record $44.1bn, with EMEA accounting for 47.3% of such volume. While green bond issuance grew, the average deal size, however, decreased 7% from $340m in 2016 to $315m in 2017. Altogether, corporate sustainable finance bonds accounted for 31.6% of the total sustainable finance market.

Utility & energy continued to drive global corporate sustainable finance, however, forestry & paper and construction & building were the most noteworthy industries in terms of growth. Forestry & paper rose 230% from $615m via 2 deals to $2.0bn via 6 deals in 2017, while construction & building rose 4,875% from $24m via 1 deal to $1.2bn via 10 deals in 2017.

Green bonds dominate the market

Similarly, global green bonds reached a record volume of $121.9bn and accounted for 87.1% of the total sustainable finance market. 2017 volume soared 53% to a full-year record, and activity increased 84% year-on-year. Ultimately, EMEA drove the record with $57.1bn issued in 2017, followed by APAC with $43.4bn.

China facilitated the largest number of green bonds in 2017, totaling $30.9bn via 82 deals—with 50 debut issuances. As a result, emerging markets issued a record $47.2bn of green bonds, accounting for 38.7% of global volume.

Sustainable finance full-year 2017 rankings


2017 Global Sustainable Finance Bonds Ranking by Value
  Date Issuer Value Type Debut
  Jan 24 Republic of France $7.51bn Green Yes
  Sept 13 Mexico City Airport Trust $4.00bn Green No
  Oct 26 Bank of Communications $3.01bn Green No
  Nov 28 Bank of Beijing $2.27bn Green No
  May 31 Nederlandse Waterschapsbank $2.23bn Social Yes
  May 9 KfW $2.20bn Green No
  Apr 17 Bank of Beijing $2.18bn Green Yes
  Sep 28 Industrial & Comm. Bank of China $2.14bn Green Yes
  Feb 27 North Rhine Westphalia $1.93bn Sustainability No
  Nov 9 China Development Bank $1.66bn Green No

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Data source: Dealogic, as of January 1, 2018

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*Sustainable Finance includes green, social, and sustainability bonds (proceeds of sustainability bonds are split between green and social projects)