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Our Global Markets Reviews for full year 2017 look at key trends across investment banking, M&A, ECM, DCM, Leveraged Finance, and Loans, according to Dealogic figures. Read the APAC 2017 highlights taken from our annual report.

APAC Q4 2017 highlights

Asia Pacific IB revenue went close to the record high set in 2016 ($16.5bn) with $16.4bn in 2017. Japan witnessed the highest revenue since 2013 ($3.6bn) with $3.5bn in 2017, on the back of ECM deals from Toshiba ($166m) and Japan Post Holdings ($80m). In contrast, China saw an 8% drop in revenue from $9.1bn in 2016 to $8.3bn in 2017, its first decline since 2013.

IB – Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) IB revenue for full-year 2017 reached $13.0bn

M&A – HNA completed 2017 with 30 deals worth $12.6bn, leading to scrutiny from the Chinese government for its leveraged financing

ECM – In 2017, Chinese companies listing in the US reached 17 deals, the highest activity since 2010 (39 listings)

DCM – Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) DCM  G3 volume reached $443.6bn in full-year 2017, and Q4 volume alone increased 48% year-on-year to the highest Q4 on record. Activity of 809 deals was also a record high in 2017

Loans – Project finance–related syndicated loans grew 22% year-on-year from $95.3bn to $116.2bn

Deals – Two of APAC’s largest ever leveraged buyouts were announced in 2017: $17.9bn for Toshiba Memory and $16.1bn for Global Logistics

APAC 2017 rankings

APAC (ex. Japan) Investment Banking Revenue by Bank – Full Year 2017 league table
Rank  Bank Revenue Share 2016
1 Credit Suisse $458m 3.5% 4
2 JPMorgan $457m 3.5% 9
3 Morgan Stanley $454m 3.5% 3
4 CITIC Securities $452m 3.5% 1
5 China Securities $435m 3.4% 2
6 Citi $422m 3.3% 5
7 Bank of China $396m 3.1% 11
8 UBS $372m 2.9% 6
9 Goldman Sachs $357m 2.8% 8
10 China International Capital Corp $340m 2.6% 7

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Data source: Dealogic, as of January 1, 2018

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