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Withdrawn M&A Revenue $m (1 Jan - 3 May)

May 4, 2016

By Justin Zeth

$1.2bn: global withdrawn M&A revenue

Revenue lost to withdrawn global M&A totals $1.2bn so far in 2016, up 33% from 2015 YTD ($899m) but below the 2007 YTD record of $2.0bn. Withdrawn M&A revenues from $10bn+ deals ($792m) account for 65% of total withdrawn M&A revenues in 2016, the highest share on record and compares with 58% in 2007 YTD.

$280m: withdrawn healthcare M&A revenue

Healthcare is the top industry for withdrawn M&A revenue with a year to date record high of $280m, surpassing the previous record set in 2006 YTD ($173m). Energy & natural resources ($227m) and transportation ($207m) complete the top three.

$736m: withdrawn US M&A revenue

Withdrawn US M&A revenue is a record YTD high of $736m this YTD, surpassing the previous record of $715m set in 2007 YTD. Australia ($125m) and Germany ($79m) complete the top 3 client nationalities for withdrawn M&A revenue.

$160bn: Pfizer’s withdrawn bid for Allergan

Pfizer’s $160bn bid for Allergan, withdrawn on April 6, is the largest withdrawn M&A deal this year and on record. Honeywell International’s $103bn bid for United Technologies, withdrawn on March 1 is the second largest withdrawn deal this year and the fifth largest on record. Canadian Pacific Railway’s $40.7bn bid for Norfolk Southern, withdrawn on April 11 is the third largest withdrawn bid this year.

$481bn: value of withdrawn M&A deals this year

Global withdrawn M&A volume totals $481bn in 2016 YTD, up from $190bn last YTD and the highest since 2007 YTD ($506bn). US targeted withdrawn M&A totals a YTD record $378bn, nearly three times the $128bn from last YTD.

JPMorgan tops global M&A revenue ranking

JPMorgan tops the global M&A revenue ranking in 2016 YTD, with an 11.0% wallet share. Goldman Sachs (10.6%) and Morgan Stanley (8.6%) complete the top three.