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UK and European Union M&A Volume ($bn)

April 20, 2016

By Olga Tarabrina

47%: EU share of UK targeted M&A at record high

After 3 consecutive year-on-year decreases, EU (ex UK) acquisitions of UK companies reached an annual record high of $206.0bn in 2015, up from $12.3bn in 2014. EU (ex UK) acquisitions accounted for 47% of total UK targeted M&A in 2015 ($442.4bn), a record high annual share and up from a 10% average share over the previous five years

In 2016 YTD, UK targeted M&A from EU (ex UK) companies stands at $15.3bn, surpassing the 2014 full year total, although down from $72.5bn in 2015 YTD

2 of the biggest UK deals on record were announced in 2015

Belgian Beverage company Anheuser-Busch InBev’s $117.4bn bid for SABMiller, announced in October 2015, is the biggest UK targeted M&A deal on record, while Royal Dutch Shell’s $66.0bn completed acquisition of oil & gas firm BG Group, announced in April 2015, is the third largest UK targeted M&A deal on record. Ranking in second place is the $79.6bn merger between UK healthcare companies SmithKline Beecham and Glaxo Wellcome in December 2000

$14.3bn: Deutsche Borse bid for LSE Group

Between 2011 and 2016 YTD, France has been the most active EU (ex UK) acquiror into the UK, with a total of 246 acquisitions ($32.4bn). Germany ranks second for activity with 234 deals over this period, announced for a total of $32.1bn

Deutsche Borse’s pending $14.3bn bid for London Stock Exchange Group is the biggest EU M&A deal in 2016 YTD, and the largest securities and commodity exchange M&A
deal on record globally

$85.3bn: UK domestic M&A down 19% in 2015

UK domestic M&A volume was down 19% annually to $85.3bn in 2015, from $105.5bn in 2014. In contrast, domestic activity was up by 7% (1,838 deals), the highest annual total since 2009 (1,919 deals). Domestic M&A volume so far in 2016 stands at $13.9bn (574 deals), the lowest YTD total since 2012 ($11.8bn via 617 deals)

Following two consecutive year-on-year increases, UK acquisitions into the EU (ex UK) decreased 54% annually to $23.2bn in 2015. Total UK outbound M&A of $111.2bn dropped from $118.1bn in 2014, although these are still the biggest two years for such volume since 2007 ($307.3bn)

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