Thomas Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Fleming photo

Thomas Fleming is the CEO of Dealogic. Tom co-founded CommScan LLC, a predecessor to Dealogic, in 1991 and became CEO in 2004. Previously Tom was a Managing Director at Graphic Scanning Corp, a wireless communications business. He has a finance degree from St. Bonaventure University and holds an MBA from Pace University. Tom is also a Certified Public Accountant.

  1. Thomas Fleming

    Thomas Fleming

    Chief Executive Officer 

  1. John D'Aleo

    John D'Aleo

    Chief Commercial Officer 

  2. Jody Drulard

    Jody Drulard

    Chief Product Officer 

  3. John Dunchick

    John Dunchick

    Chief Business Development Officer 

  4. Toby Haddon

    Toby Haddon

    Chief Technology Officer 

  5. Andrea Remyn Stone

    Andrea Remyn Stone

    Chief Strategy Officer 

  6. Krish Venkataraman

    Krish Venkataraman

    Chief Financial Officer 

  7. Emma Winterson-Hayward

    Emma Winterson-Hayward

    Chief Human Resources Officer