John Dunchick

Chief Business Development Officer

John Dunchick photo

Focusing on specific client initiatives aligned to Dealogic’s strategic goals, John joined from Novus Partners where he served as Head of Sales and Business Development. Prior to Novus Partners, John held leadership roles at Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ, Credit Suisse, and Federal Bank of Richmond. John holds a BA from Ursinus College and an MBA from Cornell University.

  1. Thomas Fleming

    Thomas Fleming

    Chief Executive Officer 

  1. John D'Aleo

    John D'Aleo

    Chief Commercial Officer 

  2. Jody Drulard

    Jody Drulard

    Chief Product Officer 

  3. John Dunchick

    John Dunchick

    Chief Business Development Officer 

  4. Toby Haddon

    Toby Haddon

    Chief Technology Officer 

  5. Andrea Remyn Stone

    Andrea Remyn Stone

    Chief Strategy Officer 

  6. Krish Venkataraman

    Krish Venkataraman

    Chief Financial Officer 

  7. Emma Winterson-Hayward

    Emma Winterson-Hayward

    Chief Human Resources Officer